Bamboo Decking Breakdown

When building a deck, selecting the type of material is often the first step. However, with an abundance of options, this can be an overwhelming process. At Parr Lumber, we believe it is crucial for our customers to understand their various options. With years of industry and product knowledge, Parr Deck Experts can help any customer discover the decking that fits their lifestyle. In this post we are spotlighting dasso.XTR bamboo decking.

The following are frequently asked questions about dasso.XTR:

What is dasso.XTR?

Dasso.XTR is a durable bamboo product designed for outdoor applications. Variations of dasso.XTR are used for decking, lumber, panels, porch flooring and RainClad siding.

How is it made?

At its peak growth, natural bamboo is harvested, shredded into fibers, fused into dense panels and then milled for bamboo decking.

How durable is dasso.XTR?

Dasso.XTR is made from modified bamboo strands that are fused together using phenolic resin. This resin is also used to make bowling balls. Dasso.XTR’s consistent grain structure distributes weight evenly, increasing the durability.

What are the fastening options?

  • Tiger Claw TC-G (recommended and approved for use with Dasso decking)
  • Starborn Industries “Pro Plug” system for Dasso (requires pre-drilling)
  • Face fastening — decking screws (requires pre-drilling)

How much maintenance does dasso.XTR require?

Dasso.XTR comes pre-finished with a basic coat of WOCA exterior wood oil. It can be easily refinished with an exterior penetrating oil for hardwoods. Finish durability depends upon weather and wear, but one can expect the deck finish to last 1-3 years. If you prefer a more weathered look, dasso.XTR can be left unfinished.

For more information on dasso.XTR exterior bamboo building materials, please visit the dasso.XTR website.