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Red Cedar Fencing Boards

Cedar is a highly sought after wood for fencing because it is easy-to-use, durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. Its easy-to-use functions include laying straight and flat, being lightweight, and effortlessly fitting into place. Furthermore, cedar contains natural preservatives that allow it to naturally resist insects, moisture, and other harsh conditions. Cedar is durable enough to resist splintering and stay sturdy for many years under the proper conditions. Finally, cedar is a sustainable source and has a net carbon sink, so using cedar wood for fencing is the environment-conscious choice.

Metal Fencing Posts

Another material option for fencing posts aside from wood is metal. Metal provides a sophisticated, modern look due to its smooth texture and appearance. However, metal isn’t just high quality on the outside, but on the inside as well. Metal posts are galvanized to prevent rust and resist corrosion. Overall, metal is a solid and well-rounded material to provide support to fences.

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