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Many fencing options are available at Parr including wood and vinyl. Parr specialists are skilled in guiding you through the process of making sure you have everything you need for the project from start to finish.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is very popular across the Northwest and is sought-after for its combination of affordability, aesthetic appeal, and durability. Wood fences can be treated or untreated, and the maintenance varies according to the type of wood and weather conditions.

Western Red Cedar is the preferred choice for wood fences because of its natural beauty and durability. A renewable resource and naturally resistance to decay, Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice for property owners seeking a product that’s competitively priced and environmentally friendly.

Why choose real wood fencing?

  • Natural beauty: Traditional choice of homeowners across the Pacific Northwest
  • Environmentally sustainable: A renewable resource
  • Ease of installation: Host of different design options including pre-assembled panels

More Information

See the fencing section in our Product Selection Guide for more info.