Opti-Frame by Parr Lumber

OPTI-FRAME is a pre-cut framing-by-numbers package that makes framing more convenient, efficient, eco-friendly and accurate. Send us your plans and we will pre-cut, pre-label and bundle your frame packs in order of assembly, delivered directly to your jobsite.

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We deliver pre-cut, labeled, ready to assemble framing packages bundled by location, straight to your job-site with easy-to-follow installation instructions, allowing your framers to focus on the assembly instead of measuring and cutting.
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Reduce the amount of time spent on ordering, processing, and scheduling with up to 30% reduction in framing time compared to regular stick framing.
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Whether it's a defect, exposed to the weather, absorbing moisture from the ground, or just leftover scrap from cutting, unused wood accounts for up to 40% of job site waste. Opti-frame packs are delivered right before assembly, cut with precision and of high quality.
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Built in an enclosed, factory environment, OPTI-FRAME packs are manufactured under a strict quality assurance program, adhering to all industry standards and municipal codes, ensuring that you get an accurate lumber pack on time, every time.
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Consistent packs provide project control and solidified pricing. Every piece has its place, reducing the risk of re-cutting, redoing and rebuilding, reducing extra orders of unexpected materials which can result 6in budget overages.
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Theft Reduction

OPTI-FRAME packs are delivered right before assembly, reducing the amount of time lumber sits on a job site, and since it’s full of pre-cut components, it’s less likely to be of value to thieves.
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OPTI-FRAME reduces the need for on-site cutting and power tools, significantly decreasing the risk of job-site accidents and workman’s comp claims. Smart packs make for a cleaner and more organized jobsite allowing for a professional appearance and less tripping hazards.

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