What is Hardscape?

Hardscape products at Parr Lumber

Hardscape includes inanimate, built elements that are common in yards and outdoor living spaces. Whether they are made from concrete, brick, pebbles, or sand, outdoor features such as walkways, paths, driveways, and sidewalks are hardscape. Decks, patios, fireplaces, terraces, and porches also qualify as hardscape. Any items you use to border landscaping areas — such as bricks, boulders, or wood — are considered hardscape. Even birdbaths, ponds, pottery, and sculptures fall into this category. Hardscape features also include vertical surfaces such as trellises, raised beds, retaining walls, and fences. In contrast to hardscape, softscape includes natural outdoor elements such as flowers, trees, and grass.

In addition to the Necessories Outdoor Living Kits, Parr Lumber carries the materials for hardscape features such as pavers and retaining walls. Parr has everything you need to create a beautiful and functional outdoor area.

If you want to go vertical, adding even the simplest of dry stack walls can transform the look and feel of your landscape! Parr has many options for both dry and wet stack walls to help you create the exact look you need to create and compliment your ideal yard, garden or landscape.

Whether you’re looking for simple lawn edgers and meandering garden paths or stone planters and terraced walls, come in today and let our knowledgeable staff help create your ultimate outdoor space.

Remember, if your project requires digging, first call 1-800-332-2344 to locate any utilities.

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