Western Red Cedar Decking

Cedar Decking Special ~ Parr Lumber

Weyerhaeuser’s CedarOne western red cedar decking, which is available at many of our lumber yards, is a premium material that is easy to work with. It allows homeowners and builders to create and build distinctive decks and details. The natural preservatives in the wood fiber help it withstand insects and harsh weather conditions. Under normal conditions and if properly installed, these decks lie flat, stay straight and resist splintering. They also stay cooler than many other decks.

CedarOne products are the finest quality cedar products available. Each CedarOne product is designed to meet appearance and service requirements for the intended end use. CedarOne offers total product and quality management from the manufacturer to the market.

The beauty of CedarOne decking makes it one of the most desirable materials for quality decks. Its renowned durability occurs naturally from decay-resistant thujaplicins and phenolics. As a result, all CedarOne decking products are free of chemical preservatives. CedarOne has superior thermal properties that make it cooler under foot on those hot summer days.

The versatile range of CedarOne product standards and sizes allows designs that will complement any building style. The virtually knot-free appearance of Premium Clear CedarOne decking has an elegant appeal that is associated with fine woodwork, while a more relaxed atmosphere can be achieved with CedarOne Premium Knotty decking. CedarOne decking products are available in 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ widths; 5/4″ and 2″ thicknesses, and a choice of eased or radius edges. All CedarOne decking products are surfaced to exacting standards, which enhances both their appearance and function.

CedarOne deck accessories include 2×2 balusters and handrails. The balusters are available in either clear or knotty style. They add a fine line detail to any deck design. CedarOne handrails, with a profiled 2×4 top cap or keyhole-patterned 2×6, add the right finishing touch.