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Natural light is an essential element in every home or workspace. An excess or shortage of light can make a room unpleasant, while good lighting can exert subtle effects upon the occupant. The room simply feels warm and inviting or cool and relaxing. The careful selection of windows and skylights can achieve a functional, personalized atmosphere.

Quality, design, and placement are all important aspects when selecting windows. The professionals at Parr are knowledgeable and can assist with applications ranging from complex architectural designs like bay windows to unobtrusive, functional styles. They are specialists that work closely with architects, contractors, and homeowners, offering advice on the best products and styles to fit any need.


More and more homeowners and builders are turning to vinyl for its superior value, energy efficiency, functionality, low maintenance and appearance. From residential to commercial use, vinyl windows have been engineered, refined and tested for decades to perform in the most adverse conditions. They are constructed with polyvinyl chloride frames and styles that range from single-hung, slider, casement, awning, bay and bow windows to specialty architectural shapes and designs.

Many options are available from hardware finishes, frame colors, and grid designs to give the window a more traditional appearance. Glazing options are available to further increase energy efficiency, protect from winter chill and shield against summer heat. Glazing options can also assist in blocking damaging ultraviolet rays, offer additional security or help reduce exterior noise.

Whether you are looking to increase energy efficiency or simply improve the appearance of your home, vinyl windows have the options and styles to meet your needs. Many manufacturers also offer windows that qualify for local tax credits and/or utility rebates. Parr stocks and promotes some of the most respected brands in the industry, many carrying extensive warranties to protect your investment.

Manufacturers include:

  • Ply Gem
  • Cascade
  • Jeld-Wen
  • Milgard

Come visit a Parr window consultant in one of our many showrooms to see what vinyl windows can do for your next home improvement project.

Aluminum and vinyl clad wood windows

In many areas of the country, homeowners prefer wood windows for their quality and aesthetic appeal. They can complement architectural styles and add to a home's value. Incorporating wood elements in a home can add warmth and the natural beauty of the outdoors.

While wood windows can add to the maintenance of your home, the exterior of many lines are clad with weather resistant materials such as aluminum or vinyl. Wood windows are most commonly made from Pine or Doug Fir but are also available in many other options including Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Cherry, and Alder. The interior can be finished with either stain or paint to preserve the finish and maintain a beautiful appearance. Made from naturally sourced, renewable material, wood windows present an environmentally sustainable solution. Many of Parr's wood window suppliers offer products that meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, both of which certify companies based on their sourcing practices. In addition, most of the glazing options and energy efficiency options available in vinyl are offered by wood window manufacturers.

Reasons to choose wood windows:

  • Aesthetic appeal complements many architectural styles
  • Superior construction offers lasting performance
  • Add to your home's value

Manufacturers include:

Fiberglass and Composite

Fiberglass and composite windows are similar to wood in many ways. They offer the flexibility of design and the architectural aesthetics of wood windows along with the low maintenance characteristics of a vinyl alternative. One of the biggest differences is affordability. Fiberglass and composite products are priced competitively yet still offer options available in a high-end wood offerings.

Fiberglass as a frame material is an excellent choice. The expansion and contraction rate of fiberglass is nearly the same as the glass unit seated inside it, so the opportunity for seal failures is minimized. In addition, because the frame material has a low expansion and contraction rate the manufacturer will allow the frames to be painted on the exterior while still providing a warranty. All the glazing options and energy efficiency choices available in vinyl and wood windows are also offered by fiberglass and composite manufacturers.

Reasons to choose fiberglass or composite windows:

  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Stable frame materials

Brands promoted by Parr include:

  • Integrity by Marvin
  • Andersen 100 series
  • Milgard

Glass and Acrylic Block

The professional consultants at Parr can highlight the advantages of glass and acrylic block windows over clear glass styles. Block windows add a clean, modern feel to a home and can be used to let in natural light while offering superior privacy.

Block windows are available in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to suit almost any design requirement. There are also a variety of patterns available that offer different levels of obscurity. Frames are made of aluminum or vinyl and come in a wide range of colors.

Benefits of glass block:

  • Perfect choice for high-security environments
  • Available in various patterns for varying degrees of privacy

Providers include:

  • US Block
  • Hy-lite


One of the easiest ways to let more natural light into your living space is to install a skylight. As a low-maintenance option, skylights are one of the easiest permanent solutions for the homeowner. They can create an atmosphere and feeling of brightness even on a cloudy day, while still preserving privacy.

Skylights can brighten bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens in single or multi-level homes. In the Pacific Northwest, where sunlight is at a premium, a skylight can lift the mood of entire household by simply allowing more natural light to penetrate the primary living area.

Like regular windows, skylights are available in energy efficient designs that use insulated glass with Low-E and Argon gas. New technology allows companies to offer guarantees against leakage for both curb and deck mounted styles. Additional features for skylights include blinds, automated controls and security locks. Another option for precision lighting using natural sunlight is a tube skylight which can fit into small spaces. Tube skylights have special light refracting capabilities that allow natural light to travel much longer distances. Tube skylights block most of the harmful UV rays from coming into the home and are far more energy efficient than a flat glass skylight.

Some skylights come specifically formatted for egress if necessary and homeowners should consider whether they will need to use the window as a point of roof access or as an emergency exit before choosing a style. Advantages of Skylights include a natural lighting source, low maintenance and sustainable lighting options. Parr stocks a wide range of skylights from the top producers:

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