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A fence offers privacy, functionality, and a sense of establishment. With modern advances in technology and new materials, many attractive fencing options are available, including composite, wood, metal, and vinyl. Parr associates are skilled in guiding each client through the process of building a fence, from selecting materials to finishing touches like hardware, coatings and installation.

Composite and Vinyl

A popular option when durability is considered; composite fences are made by combining wood pulp and plastic. Composite fences resemble natural wood and come in an attractive range of colors and grain patterns that are largely resilient to decay and insect damage. Composite fencing is low maintenance, requiring no painting, staining or sealing. Cleaning is accomplished by wiping the fence down with detergent, then rinsing it with a hose.

Many homeowners choose vinyl fences for their ease of installation and limited maintenance requirements. Vinyl fence products come in a variety of colors and the finished look is clean and smooth. They can be useful in areas where functionality and low maintenance are the main factors.

Advantages of composite and vinyl fencing:

  • Durability
    The material and finishing of composite and vinyl fences make them more resistant to fading, warping, and splintering
  • Low-maintenance
    Composite and vinyl fences require minimal cleaning, which make them ideal for locations with difficult access


Wood fencing is very popular across the Northwest and is sought-after for its combination of affordability, aesthetic appeal, and durability. Wood fences can be treated or untreated, and the maintenance varies according to the type of wood and weather conditions.

Western Red Cedar is the preferred choice for wood fences because of its striking natural beauty and durability. A renewable resource and naturally resistance to decay, Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice for property owners seeking a competitively priced, green product.

Benefits of Wood Fencing:

  • Natural beauty: Traditional choice of homeowners across the Pacific Northwest
  • Environmentally sustainable: A renewable resource
  • Ease of installation: Host of different design options including pre-assembled panels


Iron fences are preferred by some property owners because of their superior strength and ease of maintenance. There are several different styles of iron fences, each serving a different purpose while offering unique benefits. Classic iron fences cover a wide range of applications and can be used to surround a pool, residential perimeter or commercial property. Fences for commercial properties come with thicker rails and pickets where security is paramount.

Iron fencing can also serve decorative purposes, such as an elegant trellis for climbing plants. Several options are available that include iron blended with tempered glass or wood.

Reasons to use Iron Fencing:

  • Superior strength and resistance to the elements
  • Wide range of uses, including both residential and commercial applications
  • Security

More Information

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