Doors and Millwork

The fine detail found in the construction of a home tends to hold a viewer’s attention. The effect can be bold at first glance or a gentle seduction that occurs over time. Doors and millwork are one of the many ways to create that charm and aura. Parr Lumber's associates understand the complexity of selecting millwork for a home, given the decision involves far more than just function and cost.


Different door styles offer a variety of benefits dependent on the design, materials and construction. There are panel styles made of wood or molded composites. Bi-fold doors are good for areas with a wider span, like a bedroom closet or a space with a narrow opening. Panel doors are also available with glass sections. These can be ideal for dividing different living spaces, since they allow light to pass through while reducing sound. Louver doors have slatted panels that allow airflow when the door is closed and are often used for closets and pantries.

When choosing an interior door, think about its intended use. Keep in mind the room where the door is located relative to other openings in the home. The frequency and type of use will also help to determine the best style and design of the door. If you are replacing a door consider whether the old one functioned properly and if there is an opportunity to make subtle changes in design. For example, was the door too heavy; was it flush with the floor, providing a sound barrier and better insulation? Our experts provide thoughtful consulting and will share the various options available while tailoring suggestions to your desired price range.

Our high-quality interior doors:

  • Increase privacy between rooms
  • Provide sound reduction and insulation
  • Compliment to your home's interior, with styles that include cherry, maple, fir, pine, and alder

Manufacturers include:

  • IMP
  • Masonite
  • Jeld-Wen


Exterior doors are available in wood, steel and fiberglass designs. Steel has the advantage of being affordable, safe, paintable and durable. Fiberglass performs well in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions given the doors resistance to denting, cracking and fading. Wood, while requiring more maintenance, compliments the lush landscape surrounding traditional Northwest homes.

There are many different styles of exterior doors including sliding patio, swinging French, arch-top and bi-fold. Function and budget are other primary considerations in the selection process; will the door open right-handed and is a screen or storm door recommend. This could affect the color and type of hinge you choose. Exterior doors can be customized for any entrance so consult with your local Parr Professional for guidance and exciting ideas on how to accent your entry way.

Proper care and maintenance of an exterior door is important. Location is a determining factor in how much care a door will require. In Coastal areas, owners are advised to clean hinges and the surface of the door on a monthly basis. For other areas with milder weather conditions, bi-annual cleanings are usually sufficient.

Because the exterior door presents a barrier between your home and the outside world, security remains a strong consideration. Consider the factors which affect security, like the safety of your neighborhood, whether your yard is fenced and how often people in your household are home.

High-quality exterior doors provide your home with:

  • Security
  • Classic beauty that complements your home
  • Energy-efficient insulation

Core brands include:

  • IMP
  • Masonite
  • Jeld-Wen
  • Plastpro
  • Simpson
  • Codel
  • Therma-Thru
  • Anderson
  • Marvin

Storm Doors

Installing a storm door on the exterior of a house offers several benefits. Increased insulation, energy efficiency and extending the life of the entry door are the most common reason for adding storm doors. They create a pocket of air in front of the primary door, which insulates. Storm doors also minimize the effect of air leaks from the primary door.

Models range from full-view, which are composed entirely of glass, to half and three-quarter models (part wood and glass). In addition, interchangeable designs are also available. The storm doors that Parr promotes come with high-quality aluminum frames, which reduce maintenance costs.

Reasons to use storm doors:

  • Enhance your entrance's energy efficiency by up to 67%
  • Protect your primary door against the elements
  • Make your entrance more secure with grilled and triple-locking models
  • Allow for greater ventilation in the summer
  • Add more sunlight to your home year-round

Manufacturers include:

  • Larson
  • Emco

More Information

See the interior doors, exterior doors or millwork section in our Product Selection Guide for more info.