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Parr Lumber stocks a wide variety of composite and wood decking products. Our knowledgeable staff enjoys helping homeowners find the perfect deck for their home or property. Our sales representatives will describe the benefits of each line and assist in the process of selecting and installing your new deck. Parr also offers free delivery and free deck design service with the purchase of your new deck. We also have a how-to section for you to check out.


The combination of plastic and wood pulp used in manufacturing composite decks are ideal for homeowners looking for a highly durable, attractive, low-maintenance deck. Advances in composite decks have contributed to more realistic wood grain appearances with a broader spectrum of colors and sizes. Many styles include a thin PVC skin that surrounds each board, increasing the durability of the deck. This helps make them impervious to damage from insects, water and rot and well-suited for withstanding harsh weather conditions found on the coast or in mountain communities. This durability also makes composite decking an excellent choice for any high-use areas like outdoor seating, walkways and docks.

Parr specialists have superior knowledge and experience with the process of building decks, from the initial design to final installation. Based on product selection and dimensions, they can create a customized design for your unique project. This detailed process not only helps illuminate potential challenges, but also allows you to visualize your new outdoor living space while helping you find the most economical option.

Benefits of a Composite Deck

  • Low maintenance
    Does not require staining although periodic cleaning is highly recommended (process is easy and inexpensive)
  • Warranty
    Most composite decks are guaranteed by the manufacturer
  • Selection and versatility
    Composite decks are available in a wide selection of natural colors, textures, grains, and dimensions
  • Performance
    Many are scratch, stain and fade resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
    Much of the material used in composite decking comes from recycled material, which conserves natural resources and limits waste

Strong relationships with the top producers in the industry ensure success as Parr sources only the highest quality products at competitive prices.


Wood decks add a degree of timeless beauty and elegance to their surroundings. Various types of wood can be used for decking. Western Red Cedar is known for its durability and resistance to insects and decay. Many homeowners love Western Red Cedar for its natural strength and distinctive color.

A renewable resource, wood decking offers homeowners a combination of aesthetic appeal. You can extend the lifespan of a wood deck by treating or finishing the boards. Clear stains are preferable for letting the natural beauty of the wood show through, but require re-staining on a more frequent basis, while darker stains provide more protection from UV rays.

The maintenance of a wood deck is an investment, but many people find the time and money spent are well worth it. Simple tricks can help care for a wood deck and extend its beauty and use. For example, keeping potted plants elevated on pot feet helps reduce the risk of rotting the boards underneath.

Benefits of a Wood Deck

  • Natural beauty
    Wood decks provide a traditional beauty characteristic of the great Northwest
  • Affordability
    Wood decks are available in several grades and species and are generally less expensive than composite material
  • Flexible installation
    Wood decks can be attached using several different installation methods
  • Compatibility
    Wood decks are compatible with almost every railing system
  • Treating decking
    A treated Douglas Fir product produced exclusively by Exterior Wood is designed specifically for Decking and offers a lifetime warranty if properly maintained
  • Cedar decking
    Produced and distributed by a number of high quality Northwest manufacturers remains our most popular, naturally durable wood decking line


Many factors are involved in constructing a railing system. One of the primary considerations is the deck height and access. Consider the character and aesthetic appeal of the finished deck; then select a system that creates a sleek profile while meeting all local safety standards.

The decision to use railing can be made for practical reasons or for a specific aesthetic purpose. When considering a railing system make sure you consult your local building codes for proper installation requirements.

  • TimberTech (check out their new how-to videos) and Trex
    Specialize in a complete line of composite railing
  • Deckorators
    They originated the metal baluster category, throwing the doors wide open to more spectacular decks and other outdoor projects
  • Sapa
    Has developed unique residential railing systems, which include aluminum pickets, tempered glass, and extruded framing members
  • Regal
    Offers high-quality aluminum railing system
  • Fortress
    Specializes in a comprehensive railing line of iron, aluminum and glass

Finish and care

Increased safety, ambiance, and extended hours of use are a few of the common reasons to add lighting to a finished deck. Several different lighting options are available. Post cap lights can be fitted beneath the cap on each post. Accent lights illuminate corners and are often placed on the side of posts, casting a downward glow. Riser lights are placed on the front side of steps or beneath the lip at each step's edge. Some riser lights can be recessed into the front of the step. The options are endless.

Another option for finishing a deck is to install a drainage system. This can be especially important for second story decks, where the area below often becomes damp and unusable. Drainage systems collect moisture from between deck planks and direct excess water away from the structure.

Railing can be used for decorative purposes and can also serve as a trellis for climbing plants. The options for combining different style spindles, support posts, and caps are endless.

It is important to properly maintain your deck through periodic cleaning and the application of protective coatings. Parr Lumber has all the tools necessary to complete this task.

  • Penofin
    Natural wood finish, offered in an oil base formula or with low volatile organic compounds
  • Superdeck
    High quality wood and concrete stains
  • Wolman and Messmer
    A full line offering of care products for wood decks


Deck coverings come in a wide variety of styles, material, and sizes. As with many of the factors involved in designing your perfect deck, there are both practical and aesthetic considerations to take into account when choosing the size of your cover. Some things to consider are the deck's location in relation to the house, pool, or eating area and the desired material and opacity of the cover.

A key consideration is the type of weather and exposure your deck is subjected to. In some locations, sun protection is paramount. Other areas with higher rainfall need a waterproof deck cover and proper drainage to protect the foundation.

The different canopy structures include cantilever beam, full extension, and gable options. The gable can be freestanding, allowing it to be installed away from a house or structure. Parr also offers a pergola cover system that can be tailored to fit large patio areas or smaller spaces. There are also curved door awnings and clear domes to cover hot tubs or outdoor eating areas. They let in the natural light while keeping dust and debris away from food and drinks.

More Information

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