Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding ~ Parr Lumber
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There is no substitute for the natural beauty and durability of Western Red Cedar siding. Western Red Cedar gives your home a level of warmth and beauty that you can’t get with plastic home siding options. Western Red Cedar is also naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks. Unlike cedar, plastic house siding doesn’t have any natural defenses against things like mildew. In addition, composite siding is susceptible to fading due to sun exposure and can’t be restored or refinished like cedar once their color has faded.

Real cedar siding is one of the most sustainable exterior siding available. It produces the least greenhouse gas, air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. Not only that — Western Red Cedar lumber is harvested from the most sustainably managed forests in the world. So you can feel good about your wood.

Western Red Cedar is free of pitch and resin, which means it takes to stains, oils and finishes very well. As a result, you have a lot of siding color options. The same goes for the style options. For example, you can go for the warm traditional feel of layered bevel or you can streamline your home’s look with some super sleek, tongue and groove siding or you can get creative with your own board and batten pattern.

Cedar Siding Options

Here are some wood siding options:

Bevel Cedar Siding
Cedar Bevel Lap Siding ~ Parr Lumber
Cedar Shingles and Shakes Siding
Red Cedar Shingles and Shakes Siding ~ Parr Lumber
Board and Batten Siding
Cedar Board and Batten Siding ~ Parr Lumber
Cedar Lap Siding (Channel)
Cedar Lap Siding (channel siding) ~ Parr Lumber
Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding
Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding ~ Parr Lumber

Cedar Siding Comparison Chart

ProductCost*MaintenanceInstallationFinish Type
1x4 Clear Cedar$6.40 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
1x4 Tight Knot Cedar$2.72 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
1x6 Clear Cedar$6.62 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
1x6 Tight Knot Cedar$3.36 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
Shingles and Shakes
16” #1 Shingle with 5” Exposure$2.14 SQFHighModerate / DifficultStainable / Paintable
18” Rake Shake with 14” Exposure$1.98 SQFHighModerate / DifficultStainable / Paintable
18” Rake Shake Primed with 14” Exposure$2.24 SQFModerateModerate / DifficultPaintable
1 Course Shingle Panel$2.91 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
3 Course Shingle Panel$5.10 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
Bevel Siding
1/2x6 Clear Cedar$3.75 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
1/2x6 Finger Jointed Cedar Primed$2.74 SQFModerateEasy / ModeratePaintable
1/2x8 Clear Cedar$4.00 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
1/2x8 Finger Jointed Cedar Primed$2.55 SQFModerateEasy / ModeratePaintable
3/4x8 Clear Cedar$6.14 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
3/4x8 Finger Jointed Cedar Primed$3.66 SQFModerateEasy / ModeratePaintable
3/4x10 Clear Cedar$6.75 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
3/4x10 Finger Jointed Cedar Primed$3.15 SQFModerateEasy / ModeratePaintable
Channel Siding
1x6 Cedar Tight Knot Channel$3.00 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
1x8 Cedar Tight Knot Channel$2.80 SQFHighEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
1x6 Cedar Finger Jointed Pattern Siding$4.41 SQFModerateEasy / ModerateStainable / Paintable
Board and BattenVery expensive

* Note: cost is estimate only

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