Cabinets and Appliances

Beautiful cabinets and appliances change the entire feel of a room. For example, replacing dark cabinets with a lighter color brightens the room’s interior and lifts the atmosphere. The value of re-designing your kitchen or workspace is particularly felt in the Pacific Northwest, where natural sunlight is scarce for most of the year. In addition to their aesthetic value, new cabinets make a kitchen more efficient by increasing drawer space, counter space, and overhead storage.

At the Parr Cabinet Design Center, talented professionals will help you from the initial design steps to the final installation. One of the benefits of working with Parr’s associates is flexibility. Whether you don’t know where to begin or just need help with one tricky design issue, Parr associates are available to help. You can begin your project here with a convenient planning guide or call to speak with a Parr professional to get you started on the design process.

While Parr stores stock a wide variety of cabinets and appliances, often your customized design will require a special order.


The professionals at Parr will help you plan the perfect balance of cupboards, drawers, and counter space. Choose between ready to assemble (RTA), pre-manufactured, or true custom models. Most homeowners choose pre-manufactured, which offer a wide selection with a combination of value and quality. Ready to assemble models are often less expensive than pre-manufactured, but require on-site assembly and may be slightly lower quality in terms of construction. For customers who want to make an investment in their kitchen re-model or who have challenging space limitations, true custom cabinets present the best option. Made uniquely to fit every space and artistic design, these cabinets will be a lasting piece of elegance in your home.

In addition to kitchen cabinets, Parr also offers sinks and vanities, countertops, and storage closets. Choices range from granite and quartz to solid surface and laminate countertops. While granite countertops offer the highest level of appeal and durability, new technology in laminate countertops can give the look of granite on a smaller budget.

  • Planning assistance for every step of your kitchen re-model
  • High-quality cabinets at affordable prices
  • Customized cabinets to fit your unique needs

Manufacturers include:

  • Huntwood
  • Kemper


Reliable, high-quality appliances reduce headache and worry. Parr sources the latest models in energy-saving efficiency, which cuts down both your bill and your carbon footprint.

Kitchen appliances change the way you prepare food. Parr’s associates will help you choose between electric, gas, and dual-fuel ranges. With both free-standing and slide-in models, you will find the perfect option for your kitchen.

Refrigerators come in French door, side-by-side, and compact models. All models boast energy efficiency and keep your food fresh longer with features like crisper drawers, built-in water and ice filtration, and quick freeze.

Washers and dryers preserve your clothes and your sanity. For working professionals and busy moms, larger capacities and multiple cycle options mean you spend less time doing laundry. Investing in top-quality washers and dryers mean you deal with the minimum in repairs and maintenance. New appliances also take better care of your clothes and use less water and energy. Parr’s washers and dryers come in several colors and can be placed side by side, elevated on matching pedestals, or stacked for the greatest space efficiency.

In addition to single units, Parr offers promotional deals on kitchen packages that include refrigerator, oven and range, microwave, and dishwasher. In addition to a great deal, these packages ensure that all of your appliances match and fit together.

  • Energy and water-saving efficiency
  • Prepare a variety of foods easily with dual-fuel ranges
  • Space-saving stacking options for washers and dryers

Manufacturers include:

  • Frigidaire
  • Electrolux

More info: Parr Cabinet Design Center