Weekend Warriors – Saturday, July 22nd 2017

This week Tony and Corey are focusing on improving your curb appeal. In the first hour they start with Corey’s update on his backyard project, then they dive into cleaning as the guys cover windows, gutters and pressure washing, options for removing oil spots from the driveway, shrubs, and decorating your yard and porch with annuals and plants. Also, the importance of maintaining your trees and getting more out of your bark. During the second hour, Tony and Corey ask the question “What do i do to make it better?” The answers include taking pics, asking neighbors, and researching ideas online. Also, killing weeds, adding color to your landscape, painting the front door and good advice on color choice and hardware. Then we take a break to learn about Pappy kabobs, finally the show ends with installing a new garage door, buying a new mailbox and dressing it up, outdoor lighting, water features, updating gables, and porch wraps.