Weekend Warriors – Saturday, August 29th 2015

This week Tony and Corey are on location in Vancouver at Safeway to talk about recycling. In the first hour they chat with Mike Hoosier from Trex decking about how they use recycled plastic, Tanya Grey from The City of Vancouver talks about where recyclables go and what plastic bags can’t be recycled and introduces the W.R.A.P program. Also, Jill McGuiness, Communications Manager from Safeway talks about the planning of the W.R.A.P program and bin locations. Plus, Sherri Jackson from American Chemistry Council chats about educating people about recycling Beyond Bags. During the second hour, Tony and Corey chat more with Sherri Jackson from American Chemistry Council about recycling stats and future goals of the WRAP program. Also, Alicia Topper from The City of Vancouver Council talks about another recycling program for schools and the Beyond Bags program. Also, Stephanie Hicks, Trex Resource Coordinator, chats about recycled materials Trex uses and the school challenge, plus some tips on what to do with plastic bottle caps.