Weekend Warriors – Saturday, April 15th 2017

This week Tony and Corey are talking to Matt White from The Killers about pest control. In the first hour they cover eradicating bees, Corey shares his story about meeting and hiring Matt, mouse traps and the difference between mice and rats, and things you can do to prevent pests from coming into your home like checking the foundation, baiting pests and recognizing pest traces, outdoor home features that attract rodents, trimming your vegetation, and containing all food. During the second hour the guys cover how to deal with ants and the different types of ants. They mention using Terro ant baits, traveling habits of ants, the difference between carpenter ants and termites, ants with wings, how pests use mud tunnels, how to prevent termites, and they end the show with common myths about spiders. Also, Greg Papworth has a recipe for prime rib.