Home Improve-it Club

What is Parr’s Home Improve-it Club?

Parr’s Home Improve-It Club is our free homeowner loyalty program for everyone who loves home improvement!

Why become a Home Improve-It Club member?

  • It’s FREE… plus, you can take advantage of member-only promotions — including club cash and club coupons.
  • Accumulate points to earn club cash up to $80 per promotional period.

How does Parr’s Home Improve-it CLUB CASH work?

  • You earn club cash with in-store purchases. Every $250 in purchases = $5 club cash redeemable at all Parr Lumber or Parr Cabinet Design Center locations.
  • Club Cash is distributed every 13 weeks
  • Limit one Earned Club Cash voucher per Customer per 13 week period
  • Minimum purchase must equal club cash value for redemption
  • No cash value, no cash refund
  • Club Cash may not be applied to Parr Lumber credit accounts
  • Non transferrable, valid for Parr Home Improve-It Club members only
  • Parr Home Improve-It Club account number required at purchase
  • Club Cash coupons are valid for 30 days

* club cash will be mailed within 3 weeks of the distribution dates
** maximum club cash earned is $80 for each 13 week promotional period

($30 and $80 cash distributions were made previously)

It’s easy to earn!

Your Spending in Promotional Period Club Cash Earned
$250 $5
$500 $10
$750 $15
$1000 $20
$1250 $25
$1500 $30
$1750 $35
$2000 $40
$2250 $45
$2500 $50
$2750 $55
$3000 $60
$3250 $65
$3500 $70
$3750 $75
$4000 and over $80

What are Home Improve-it CLUB COUPONS?

  • Exclusive Home Improve-it Club Coupons will be mailed to all club members every quarter.
  • Coupons will be valid for 30 days only and redeemable at Parr Lumber or Parr Cabinet Design Center locations, whichever is specified on the coupon.
  • Coupons will feature special offers on seasonal items.
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