6×8 Lean-To Shed – Door on High Side


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Our 6×8 Lean-To Shed Kit includes the materials needed to build this 6′ by 8′ lean-to shed. For a limited time, we will also include for free the step-by-step plans to build this shed. The 6×8 lean-to shed with the door on the high side is ideal for placing the shed against a fence. The roof slopes down to the top of the fence keeping most of the shed wall out of the neighbor’s sight.

6x8 Lean To Shed Kit - Door on High Side - Parr Lumber

The DIY plan by iCreatables is designed to make your shed simple and inexpensive to build. The diagrams are professionally drawn and the step by step instructions will show how to build a shed whether you are an old pro or a first time framer. The materials list is broken down by parts of the shed. For instance, the floor framing plan has all the materials to build the floor listed on the floor framing sheets, and the wall framing has its materials listed on the wall framing sheets.

6x8 Lean To Shed Kit - Door on High Side - Parr Lumber


  • 2×6 (optional 2×8) floor joists with 3/4″ floor sheathing
  • 2×4 wall framing at 16″ on center with a double top plate, just like how a home is framed
  • The shed wall height is 6′ 7″
  • 5′ 8″ wide and 6′ tall home built double doors or 4′ wide by 6′ tall end door
  • The double doors are built using sandwich construction for strength and durability. The door plan shows you how to build a shed door that will outlive the shed. The shed door is built using a 2×4 inner frame faced on the inside with 1/2″ OSB. On the outside is a layer of T1-11 to match the rest of the shed. Three hinges are used on the doors and the screws go into the inner 2×4 frame of the door to give extra strength.
  • Shed plans include alternate drawings for the door on the end or sides
  • Siding is T1-11 exterior siding or other sidings such as vinyl may be used
  • The roof is framed using 2×4’s to build the rafters. It is sheeted with 1/2″ OSB. The plans give you the dimensions and cut angles so you can build the roof rafters on the ground and then put them up on the top plates.
  • Roof pitch of 4/12, which means that for every 4 inches of rise there is 12 inches of run horizontally
  • Roof Overhang: 4″ on the front and back and 1″ on the sides
  • 25-year asphalt shingles for the roofing
  • Trim: 1×4 and 1×6 wood, masonite or cement trim materials are used to finish the corners, roof eves and fascia, and door
  • Floor Load: rated at 50 pounds per square foot for framed floors using 2×6 joists — even stronger with 2×8 joists supplied in our riding mower option
  • Roof Snow Load: 40 pounds per square foot (if you live in an area with a high snow load, you should check with your local building department for your local snow load)


  • We’ve upgraded the joists to treated lumber because they are better suited to the wet climate of the Pacific Northwest
  • Riding mower option: we’ve upgraded the joists to 2×8 instead of 2×6 to better support heavy equipment like riding mowers
  • The materials we supply is for the wood skid foundation option and not the 4 concrete foundation options
  • The materials supplied is for the door in front of the shed option and not on the sides
  • You will need to cut the lumber to the size specified in the plan
  • Paint and gravel not included
  • Kit does not include materials or plan for optional ramp
  • Check with your local county or city zoning department to determine code requirements
  • The shed plan will be in eBook format (pdf)
  • Parr Lumber is purchasing the shed plan from iCreatables
  • Information on this page is based on the description on the iCreatables website
  • The price and materials supplied are based on iCreatables’ materials list at the time this shed was added to our eStore