New Contractor Program for 2012

New Tier and Names

TimberTech contractors will be categorized as Gold, Silver and Bronze. They have moved away from Premier and Elite, adding an extra level to better distinguish the differences between your annual sales.

  • TimberTech Gold
    Contractors that reach $100,000 or more in TimberTech sales annually
  • TimberTech Silver
    Contractors that reach $50,000 – $99,999 in TimberTech sales annually
  • TimberTech Bronze
    Contractors that have $49,999 or less in TimberTech sales annually

Promotional Funds

TimberTech will be providing promotional funds to Gold and Silver Contractors. Starting in 2012, Gold Contractors will receive 2.5% of their prior year sales of TimberTech and Silver Contractors will receive 1.5% of their prior year sales. These funds will be managed through the TimberTechDirect site and can be used on activities to grow your business (home shows, ad campaigns, wearables, etc.) Invoices must be submitted to Peter Slade at TimberTech (503.307.3346, by December 15, 2012 to receive promotional funds for the upcoming year.

Contractor Locator

TimberTech continues to make improvements to their #1 lead generating source to make the leads process easier to use. Their contractor locator has a new feature for 2012 — you now will be able to list your licenses and accreditations along with your other information. These will be visible to homeowners using the Locator.

Beginning in 2012, they will require all contractors to recertify on an annual basis. This will keep their locator up to date with their current partners. You will be able to recertify by one of three ways:

  1. Meet with your TimberTech Sales Representative
  2. Attend a TimberTech Webinar or Brainshark
  3. Complete the training modules on TimberTech Direct

For more information contact Peter Slade at 503.307.3346 or go to TimberTech