Get Cash Back for Weatherizing Your Home

Did you know you can get cash back for weatherization and other home upgrades? It’s true. Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives for energy-efficient upgrades to single-family and multi-family homes in both Washington and Oregon. For instance, Energy Trust of Oregon will pay homeowners $150 to seal air leaks in their homes. Isn’t that awesome?

Oregon and Washington Cash Incentives

  • $150 per home for sealing air leaks
  • $3.50 per square foot of windows installed, U-Value 0.25 or less
  • $2.25 per square foot of windows installed, U-Value 0.26 – 0.30
  • $0.25 per square foot for attic and ceiling insulation
  • $0.30 per square foot for floor, wall, knee wall, and rim joist insulation
  • $0.50 per linear foot for boiler pipe insulation
  • 50% of cost, up to $100 for duct insulation
  • $75 for ENERGY STAR refrigerator (Oregon only)
  • $35 for ENERGY STAR freezer (Oregon only)
  • Up to $70 ENERGY STAR clothes washer (Oregon only)