How to Build a Deck in a Weekend

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Soon it will be time to fire up the grill and enjoy the outdoor. If you’re thinking about building a deck this year, then check out this Houzz article on how to build a deck in a single weekend. When you’re ready to build your deck, be sure to take advantage of our decking specials for this month (promotion ends March 31, 2013).

Building a Deck in Ten Steps

  1. Check with the local building department for size and height restrictions, and permit requirements
  2. Design your dream deck
  3. Remove the house siding where you will install the deck ledger
  4. Install ledger board and metal flashing to the side of the house
  5. Dig square holes and set pier blocks for support beams
  6. Attach the support beams to the pier blocks
  7. Secure one end of the joists to the ledger with joist hangers
  8. Secure the other end of the joists to the rim joist with screws
  9. Toenail each side of the joists into the support beams
  10. Attach the decking boards to the floor joists

March Decking Specials