Kitchen Trends 2022

Remodeling Trend for 2022

Multipurpose Kitchens

As we settle into the new normal and refresh and revive our interiors, many homeowners are looking to refresh and reorganize their kitchens to accommodate working and schooling from home. A multipurpose kitchen is a blend of traditional kitchen functions and provides space to work or school from home. As more people go digital, these multifunctional kitchens will be in hot demand.

Dual islands

If you want to take your kitchen to the next level and provide the ultimate in flexibility, consider adding an island or two. Kitchen islands have been around for decades, but the newest trend is dual islands. One island is used for traditional kitchen functions. It may include a sink or cooktop range meant for entertaining and food preparation. The second island is set aside for school or work. It should provide plenty of open space for laptops and notebooks and include comfortable seating and a charging station to keep all your electronics powered up.


With the recent focus on health and cleanliness, having countertops that are easy to clean, and keep clean, is a number one priority. Countertop material should make your life easier. Materials like natural quartz are perfect for multipurpose kitchen and island countertops. They are durable, natural, and easy to clean and sanitize. Quartz doesn’t require any maintenance and is the hardest non-precious stone on the planet. It comes in a variety of beautiful and intricate colors that have been rigorously tested for heat and stain resistance.


Changing cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen and incorporate multiple purposes into your storage system. Whether it’s refreshing your existing design, upgrading, or completely reinventing how you prepare meals for your family, new cabinets can help. The design and layout of your kitchen is personal. It reflects what works best for the way you live. Updating your kitchen cabinets to reflect the way you live and eat can make your meal prep faster and more efficient.

Hardware and organization

The hardware and organization accessories you choose for your multipurpose kitchen are functional statement pieces that shape how you live and work in the space. The performance of your kitchen is based on how efficiently and thoughtfully it’s organized. You can use drawer organizers, cabinet organization, and shelving and brackets to improve the efficiency of your cooking space.

Creative reuse

Due to supply chain issues and shipping delays, many homeowners are upcycling the old to create a new look in their kitchen. Reusing existing furniture and appliances available in your local area is a great way to shorten the wait for materials to be shipped to your home. Look for a garage sales and antique store finds that can be refinished and incorporated into your design. And don’t worry if the pieces don’t all match, as eclectic pieces can be brought together by using similar finish colors or hardware.

Whether you need some small accents to upcycle or are looking to completely renovate, the Parr Cabinet Design center team can help every step of the way. Check out one of their showrooms located throughout Oregon and Washington or follow this link to find out more.



Deck Planning Checklist

Deck planning list

It’s never too early to begin planning for summer entertaining and fun. If adding a deck is on your list of things to do, Parr Lumber has the supplies you need.  Here’s a planning list to help you get started.

Choose a size

A quick rule of thumb for deck sizing is to allow five square feet for each person who will be on the deck. So, if you have a family of five, you should allow at least 25 square feet for your deck. You’ll want to add additional room for parties and cooking space. The size of your house and yard will also help determine the size of deck you can have. Make sure you leave enough open space in your yard for other outdoor activities. Also, consider if you want the deck elevated or at ground level.

Choose a style

There are a wide variety of options for the height of your deck. Your deck design should be customized to meet the specific needs of your home and your family.

1. Ground level

This is a good option for families with young children or single-level homes.

2. Elevated

This option works for multilevel homes where access to the deck will be upstairs. It requires proper safety planning and handrails.

3. Tiered

Use multiple levels of the deck to create separate areas for each activity.

There are many features that can be built into your deck design, including built-in seating, planters, outdoor kitchen appliances, and decking patterns.

Make a plan

After you have decided the size of your deck, the style, and the features you want, it’s time to make a plan. Decide where you want to access the deck from your home if there will be stairs and where you need utility hookups, and what your budget is for the project. Now you’re ready to create a rough drawing on graph paper or you can go to to start building your deck with their deck planning software.

Construction considerations

Before you begin construction, here are some considerations:

1. Check your property lines to ensure you aren’t crossing any with your proposed deck.

2. Diagnose any drainage or grading problems that need to be corrected before you begin the project.

3. Decide what type of foundation you’ll use. Things to consider:

  • Type of soil
  • Will the deck be anchored to the home or freestanding?
  • Do you need to do major excavation work?

Foundation types include concrete piers with or without sills, prefabricated deck blocks, or foundation piles or screws.

4. Decide what type of decking materials you’ll use.

Now that you have completed your deck plan, it’s time to choose and order your building materials. The professionals at Parr Lumber can help you select just the right amount of materials you need to complete your project. And if you aren’t sure what material is best, they can help with that too.

Good luck building your new deck. You’ll be happy you did when summer comes around — this year and for years to come.

Author: Dawn Killough – Inventory Specialist at Parr Lumber

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Brian Kegg promotions

Brian Kegg will be taking over the Director of Sales position

Today, The Parr Company announced that Joe Leathers, Director of Sales, will be retiring effective March 31, 2022. Brian Kegg will be taking over the Director of Sales position.

Joe Leathers has been Parr’s Director of Sales since 2016. Prior to this, Leathers spent eight years as the Regional Sales Manager for East Metro, Central Oregon, and the I-5 corridor. He began at Parr Lumber in 2002 as a Contractor Sales Representative for the Parr Lumber Location in West Linn.

Leathers began in the lumber sales industry in 1987 and still considers a person’s word and handshake as a binding contract. Leathers has displayed exceptional teamwork over the years, and his contributions to The Parr Company shine through his team’s success.

Brian Kegg will step into the role of Director of Sales on February 7, 2022. Kegg began his career with The Parr Company 16 years ago as a Contractor Sales Representative. In 2012, Kegg stepped up to lead the Portland Sales Team as regional sales manager, growing and expanding this team under his guidance. Kegg is known for cultivating relationships with peers and vendors alike and for his excellent leadership skills.

According to Leathers, Kegg is “respected by all of his peers and vendor partners and involved in all of Parr’s major initiatives. Brian will be an outstanding leader of the sales team. It’s been my honor and privilege to have worked with Brian for all of these years. He’s the right leader at the right time. Congratulations to our next Director of Sales.”

Parr Lumber was established in 1930 by Dwight Parr Sr. in the Pacific Northwest and remains a locally owned family business today. Michael Parr, Brad Farmer, and Nancy Cranston, grandchildren of the founder, play active roles within The Parr Company, continuing the family legacy. Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, The Parr Company has 44 facilities throughout Oregon and Washington and ranks as one of the largest building material suppliers in the United States.

February, 7th 2022

Director of Sales Transition